Annabel peddie - Grade 5/6

This student is a finalist

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  • The Mulga here grows strong.
  • Dappled sunlight on Ghost Gum leaves.
  • The sacred ANZAC memorial in Alice.
  • Ripples of a long ago sand dune eternally worn into the rock.
  • The Olgas are even more beautiful up close.
  • The wild west gunslinger!!
  • The beautiful Desert Oak silhouetted above our campfire.
  • I'm sick of Salada's get me some real food!!
  • Sunshine through the Ancient Ghost Gum.
  • Termite mounds are built in all sorts of places including through Spinifex bushes.
  • The reflections in Orminston's Gorge are to die for.
  • Natural patterns are just as stunning as artificial ones.
  • The rare and shy Bilby, caught in my headtorch beam.
  • A proud Brumby stallion looks on.
  • The simple beauty of a stick's shadow.
  • The honeycombed rock-face of Rainbow valley.